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Tasty to EAT

Offering speciality Tasty CBD Sea Salt since 2020

-   ABOUT US  -

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Kimberly Archuleta is the CEO and Founder of CBD-Sea Salt, LLC. She is also a passionate foodie and a 3x entrepreneur. She owns Avance Learning Solutions,  Medical Academy (She sold Medical Academy 12/2020), AlaCarte CME, and Hemp Sea Salt. Avance and Medical Academy and Ala Carte CME are both Learning and Developing firms. Avance creates eLearning courses for corporations and Medical Academy and Ala Carte CME develops accredited eLearning courses for physicians. She has wanted to do something different for many years. Kimberly has traveled around the world eating at the most amazing restaurants and she came up with a phenomenal idea... Finding the most amazing Sea Salt and infusing it with Hemp. Kimberly's new passion is bringing the best sea salt from around the world to her customers so they can have a new style of cooking. 

Kimberly's thoughts: "Salt makes everything better, from exquisite sweets to meat, fish, salads, fries, pasta to popcorn and so much more! Sea Salt is a universal food and I am obsessed with finding the tastiest Sea Salt! Not only is Sea Salt delicious it also has health benefits. 

Please enjoy cooking with our phenomenal Hemp Sea Salts. Thank you so much for your support! We will always listen and learn from our customers. Please feel free to email me directly at



Albert Gutierrez is Kimberly's partner in the venture and has been in the cannabis space for over 7 years. He was featured on the TODAY show for his work in cannabidiol, on the cover of MJBiz magazine, a speaker at the MJBIZCON (the largest cannabis trade show in the world) last year in Vegas, featured in the Cannabis Business Times, Denver Business Journal, and has lead multiple startups to successful acquisition and maturity phases.  He is the President of one of the most well-known cannabinoid research firms in the world and has joined forces with Kimberly to revolutionize the cooking and health world. Together they bring Hemp and CBD, education, technology, formulation, and business experience. 

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