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History of Salt

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

The word "salary" was derived from the word "salt."Salt was highly valued and its production was legally restricted in ancient times, so it was historically used as a method of trade and currency. The word "salad" also originated from "salt," and began with the early Romans salting their leafy greens and vegetables.

Why is salt so important

Salt plays a crucial role in maintaining human health. It is the main source of sodium and chloride ions in the human diet. Sodium is essential for nerve and muscle function and is involved in the regulation of fluids in the body. Sodium also plays a role in the body's control of blood pressure and volume.

Fun Salt Quotes

  • "Salt is born from pure parents the sun and the sea" ~ Pythagorus

  • "The cure for anything is salt water tears or the sea"

  • "Like salt and pepper we belong together"

How we give back

Love to #seasalt? Good news!

You can join the Tasty Sea Salt family and enjoy a monthly subscription featuring Tasty Sea Salts of the month (#historyofseasalt #health #benefits) Not only do you get a wonderful new sea salt monthly to cook with, add to your water, use for you body and so much more, you an also be apart of our Giving back Program where we give 1% of all subscription to Food4Thought a local company that give children meals weekly who are less fortunate and need food for their family #cbdseasalt.

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